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Emergency Preparedness Online Class

"Keep You and Your Family Safe & Thriving During Any Disaster! "

A two-hour, information-packed class customized for you, your family, your home, & your local area. Private online video class with live instructor. The "Emergency Preparedness Online Class" includes:

-Edible, Medicinal, & Survival- Plants in Your Backyard & Neighborhood!

-Detailed Supply List to Survive Any Event!

-Detailed Equipment List for the Perfect Go-Bag for Any Event!

-How to Find Food!

-How to Find, Filter, & Purify Water!

-Evasion, Stealth, & Camouflage Techniques!

-Survival Basics & Strategies!

Be Prepared for Earthquakes, Fires, Powergrid Failures, Floods, Storms, Resource Shortages, Collapse, & so much more!

$90 per 2-hour online class

Schedule a class by emailing

Emergency Preparedness Online Class: What's Happening
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